How Short Sea and Container Feeder Shipping can best secure a stronger future

Topics to be covered on the latest developments and future of Short Sea and Feeder Container Shipping and how they form part of a competitive supply chain, the programme include economic factors impacting on the maritime sector; maritime emissions and mandatory energy efficiency measures; legislative constraints/moves to regulate ports/port concessions; port priorities for container movement; the status of the feeder operator in India — today and tomorrow’s priorities; Indian port capacity versus demand; emerging markets within India for sector expansion; and technology application — minimise disruption and maximise opportunity.

"Connecting Key Professionals from Government and the Coastal Shipping & Inland Water Transport Industry"

Creating perfect platform for all the stakeholders to come together to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities of coastal shipping and inland water transport, The Business Conclave 2018, across two business-oriented sessions will delve into and deliberate on the major areas and issues that need to be turned around to assist in utilizing the sectors’ potential and drive the country’s economic growth.

Coastal Shipping & IWT Business Conclave 2019 offers a diverse group of conferences bringing together key individuals and organizations from both government and industry to discuss the most pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities before the maritime industry today especially Domestic Shipping. Engage and involve Shippers, Cargo Owners and Consignees who really feel the pain and are willing to take the lead. While many of these issues are common across all areas / districts / ports / maritime industry segments, there are also challenges which are uniquely regional in nature.

Engaging Government and Industry...

The Coastal Shipping & Inland Water Transport Business Conclave 2019 will engage leaders from the government & industrial organizations with an involvement in the maritime industry on the inland rivers and coastal shipping. This Conclave allows us to bring together regulating officers from the Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of Commerce, DG Shipping, State Maritime Boards, Department of Ports, Shippers, Vessel and Barge Operators, Shipyards and Ship Repair facilities, Passenger Vessel Operators, Marine Suppliers and others with a stake in promoting and sustaining a healthy and prosperous maritime industry on the inland rivers and coastal shipping.


We offer the Coastal Shipping & Inland Water Transport Industry an efficient quality conference, with focus on cargo owner’s perspectives, ship operator’s possibilities and solutions to enhance commercial performance.

Networking and exchange of ideas with industry colleagues.

Top speakers and panellists of great interest for the industry.

Conference locations with maritime relations and well connected airports, roads and trains.

Time efficiency with a maximum 1 day away from offices.

Good balance between Cargo Owner’s, Ship Operators, Logistics Service Providers, Ports/Terminals and their partners.

Manageable 300-350 delegates in a quality cooperation